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AssistWare Code Aslan Software Company is located in Portland, Oregon and started in 1988.

Aslan Software was the first company to develop Point of Sale Software designed for the small appliance industry, especially the vacuum and sewing sector. Our product, AssistWare was a collaboration of people with experience in small appliance manufacturing, the sewing and vacuum industry and in computer software design.

In 1998 we added many new features to AssistWare. These features were added so that AssistWare could better serve other industries. AssistWare is serving Small Appliance Service and Repair Centers, and the Construction Tool Service and Repair Industry.

In 2005 we developed Visual Acuity Panel software products. Our visual acuity software has aided Optometrists in serving their patients and reducing costs for the medical practice. We have developed a suite of digital media software to serve small business in advertising, and educating their clients.

An Embedded Linux Operating System developed in 2013 and still in use today was installed in an All-in-One PC, along with our visual acuity product to reduce cost and provide a better user experience for Optometrists and their patients. Our Embedded OS is used in small network server devices to distribute digitial media across wireless networks to serve client media stations.

Aslan Software continues to collaborate with our customers to improve and expanded our products.

Come and join our growing family of Aslan Software customers.

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